Stone Mountain Park

And We’re Off

As our two weeks in Tallahassee were coming to an end we realized we had no pressing problems to deal with, no scheduled stops, and really no plan for the road ahead until Oct 15th when we needed to arrive in Barberville to start our Workamping jobs.  After 13 months on the road we were finally completely free to wander wherever we wanted to go.  But no plan, no place we had to be?  That was going to be hard for Joanna who ALWAYS has a plan!


Stone Mountain

We wanted to try the more free-wheeling life so we waited until near the end of the two weeks before we decided where we would go next.  As the mountains looked like the only place we would find a little relief from the heat we headed up to Stone Mountain Park, just outside of Atlanta, GA.  We spent 10 days enjoying the park and surrounding area as well as visiting with Joanna’s brother Ralph who lives in Marietta.  


This was the second amusement/theme park we have stayed at over the last couple of months.  Again, the park facilities were excellent with wide sites

Stone Mountain Campground

and all of the amenities.  Though this park does not have roller coasters it does have lots and lots of hiking trails, water sports, and a great laser show on the mountain. 


Stone Mountain Park


First, we took the gondola up to the top of Stone Mountain where we could see all the way to Atlanta. 

Then we hiked the 1-mile walking trail going down nearly 700ft.



Literally walking down the side of the mountain


Starting down the trail – You can see Atlanta in the distance

We hiked the Nature Trail, the King Island Trail and the Muskogee Trail.  







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We splurged on the tickets for the Laser show with terrace seating and a buffet dinner.

We played putt-putt golf, rode the train around the base of the mountain and took a stroll around the historic Stone Mountain Village stopping at the awesome Village Corner German restaurant.

We also took an opportunity to continue our research into southern living in the 1900’s with a tour of the Stone Mountain living history park.  We toured fabulously restored houses, the farm, and gardens immersing ourselves in Victorian life.

Joanna attended church services both Sundays we were there as the Smoke Rise Baptist Church held services in the campground pavilion.   And last, but most certainly not least, we attended a carillon concert performed by Mabel Florence.  This was an amazing experience!  We even got a back stage (well inside the booth) tour and private lecture about the carillon and it’s history.  Mabel has been performing on this carillon for over 40 years!

As the 10 days were coming to a close Joanna started to get itching, and well, even a little twitchy …. where would we be next and how were we going to get to Barberville by the 15th of October?  We decided to map out a tentative plan to visit some of our favorite southern cities … then we realized that Labor Day was fast approaching and we would need to find a place soon as campgrounds fill up fast on holidays.  Then because campgrounds in major cities are hard to book we looked at where we could camp near Jon’s sister near Ft. Lauderdale …. before we knew it we had booked out every campground we would visit until October.  Now we won’t have to look at planning again until next April!!  Ahhhh …. Once a planner ALWAYS a planner!

Next up more mountains!

Till then!

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  1. What fun the two of you add having. Beautiful countryside and I love the Victorian house. I read you visited Ralph; how is he?

  2. You two are simply amazing. What wonderful places you are seeing. Continue to have fun and be safe!

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