It’s time to come out of hibernation!  The last I wrote we were in the depths of winter, and we had

Olde Mill Stream RV Park

hunkered down in Umatilla, Florida at the Olde Mill Stream RV Resort till the weather up north improved.  We have spent most of the past few months living a quiet life with a few fun adventures thrown in to spice things up. 

Before celebrating a quiet holiday season, we jetted off to Turks and Caicos for a pickelball camp with Pickelball in Paradise at a Beaches all-inclusive resort.  The pickleball was outstanding with 4 awesome coaches, the resort was beautiful, the warm water was inviting, though we could have done without the Norovirus we caught near the end of the week! 

Upon returning to the states, we settled in for a long winters nap.  We really haven’t done a lot these past few months, a few trips to Disney World, a few volunteer stints at the Barberville Pioneer Settlement, and played a lot of pickleball here at the resort.

New baby goats Loki & Thor at the Barberville Pioneer Settlement

I did continue performing with the Storytellers of Central Florida, helped out and performed multiple times at the Florida Storytelling Festival in January, where I even won second place in the Liars Contest, as well as performing at a local English Pub, the Magical Meat, in February.

Other than that, we have spent our time working on creating a story database for all my stories, cleaning up computer files, puttering around the coach, lots and lots of reading, fixing things that break, …. ya know, basic everyday boring life details!

We are now gearing up to finish up our time in Florida before we hit the road again.  We will be leaving

Our next adventure! The Dry Tortugas National Park in Florida

here at the end of April to head north but before we leave the state, we are taking a quick car trip down to the Keys again.  When we were there last April, we were unable to get a reservation on the only ferry that went out to the Dry Tortugas National Park, so we want to see that before we leave again.  We will also stop again in Ft Lauderdale to see Jon’s sister, Chris, and her partner, Inez. 

,After our week down south, we will return to the coach and pack up.  Then we are stopping in Tallahassee for a mini family reunion with my family then, by the 4th of May, we will be heading to Red Bay, AL for our annual month at the Mother Ship, Tiffin Service Center.  We do not have a lot on the list to get done, but enough to make the stop worthwhile. 

We will then make a quick trip up to upstate NY for our daughter-in-law’s graduation from grad school before turning west again.  We plan on a fairly quick trip across the country hoping to arrive on the West Coast at the end of June.  After having spent two years on the East Coast, we plan to spend the next couple of years near our daughter in the Seattle area.

Now that spring is here, we feel that draw to get out and shake off the winter blues and hit the road. 

Till next time,

8 thoughts on “Spring Has Sprung!

  1. Great to see you were telling and good for you in the liar’s contest!!! Great pictures and good news all around. You and John look great!!!!!

  2. Happy Easter and I hope we cross trails this year. After 100 Days on the road and our new lot at Outdoor Resort Indio we have set up residency in Sparks Marina RV resort through June when we will move into our new home at Regency at Caramella Ranch South Reno an active adult community with pickle ball. Happy Trails and be safe out there…
    BYW I love my BB batteries.
    Mike and Jean

    1. So happy to hear from you Mike! We spent a month at Sparks a few years ago and really loved the area. I hope you and Jean will love your new home!

      Since we will be on the West Coast for the next couple of years we should be able to meet up!!


  3. Happy Easter to you too! Looks like you are really enjoying retirement. Take care and keep those newsletters coming! Greetings from the Ammersee in Germany. Cheers, Peter

    1. So great to hear from you Peter!!! Hope all is well with you and yours!!


  4. We are your eclipse buddies from 2017. We are now on our way to Vineyards Campgrounds near Dallas. Hoping for a cloudless sky!!

    1. Hope you have as great of weather as we had in 2017! We will be heading to the Keys on the 8th and hope to see at least a partial!

      Take Care and Safe Travels!!

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