Epcot Flower and Garden Show

Yep, we are on the road again!  After almost 5 months of being a true “snowbird” in Umatilla, FL we have started traveling again.  We enjoyed our time at the Olde Mill Stream RV Resort so much we have committed to returning there next winter.  I never thought we would have a place that we returned to each year, but the weather was great, the location is very convenient, the resort has everything a snowbird could want, and they have a great pickleball community.  We attended enjoyable musical evenings and parties, we played a LOT of pickleball, we got our steps in walking around the resort, and I joined in the aqua aerobics.  What more could we ask for?  There was so much happening that it was hard to keep track of all the opportunities of craft project, card games, trivia nights, kayak trips, bike trips, and excursions.

Besides the activities at the resort, we also spent time volunteering at the Barberville Pioneer Settlement again.  We returned to doing a few of the school programs each month and volunteering at the festivals.  It was really nice being able to volunteer when we wanted and not being committed to the workamping schedule we had in 2019 & 2020.  I have also taken on organizing local storytellers that now participate in the Settlements monthly events.   This has given me a place to perform regularly as well as expanding the storytelling program for the museum.  I reprised my performance of Lucretia Underhill and expanded the stories I tell of the history of Central Florida. 


We went to local small town festivals enjoying days listening to music, eating good food, and reveling in the mild winter weather.  We renewed our annual pass at Disney World and visited frequently.  We also joined Jon’s sister Chris, her partner Inez, and her grandchildren Katie and Rachel, and Katie’s best friend Lauren for a day at Epcot.

I spent a good bit of time getting to all those yearly doctors’ appointments and even got a set of hearing aids.  Hopefully, I will stop saying “What did you say?”  I can tell you that the Bluetooth connection between the hearing aids and my phone is awesome!  So nice to be able to hear the whole conversation! 

I took a trip up to Tallahassee in February to help my sister, Cat, move into her new house.  I was a whirling dervish getting most of the boxes unpacked and the remainder organized so she could easily finish on her own.  After all those years of moving around the country following Jon’s job, I am a pro at getting a house put together after a move!  Jon stayed behind in Umatilla and enjoyed a few days of quiet and watching B Sci-Fi movies and TV shows.  I also took a week to go to Jon’s sisters in Ft. Lauderdale to help out a bit as our sister-in-law was just getting out of rehab after a lengthy stay in the hospital.  We also stopped to see them on our way south after we left Umatilla where we stayed at the beautiful Topeekeegee Yugnee Park‘s campground in Hollywood, FL.

Our summer route this year has us going south to the Keys for a month – 2 weeks each at the Key Largo Kampground (where we are now) and at Boyd’s in Key West, then a drive up the west coast of Florida to see Naples and Sarasota.  We will spend a week back at Umatilla then a week at Ft. Wilderness at Disney before we start heading north.  We will spend about a week visiting my sister in Tallahassee then head up to Red Bay to get some minor repair work done on the coach.  From there we will be heading to Philadelphia for most of the months of July and August for Alex and Erin’s wedding.  Once the family celebrations are over, we are going to head down the East Coast with stops in Virginia, Cape Hatteras, & Hilton Head plus a stop to see my eldest brother in Jacksonville before heading back to Umatilla.  Whew!  Another summer putting lots of miles on the rig!

Let us know if we are passing close to you so we can touch base and meet up for a coffee or a meal!  For now, I’m off to go snorkeling!!

Hope everyone has a great summer!  Stay well & safe travels! 

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  1. Can you please tell your oldest brother how great hearing aides are?? And how much he’ll enjoy hearing all the conversations?? 😂😉🫣

  2. A great post. looks like a lot of fun! Glad you are telling stories and encouraging others!!!

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