Panorama of a lake with a view camping on the far shore.

One of the many lakes inside the Pioneer RV Campground

Compass Inn Museum and Pioneer Park RV

Shadowfax and Gwaihir are now officially back on the road.  We checked in to Pioneer RV Campground on Friday night (7/15/2016) and settled in until Monday.  Very nice (if not a little cozy) campground and reasonably easy to navigate with a big rig.  Large, clean and not too crowded pool, game room and pretty complete store.  Add in the paddle boats and miniature golf and there is no reason to have to leave.

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Well except for the fact that Joanna had performances at the Compass Inn Museum in Laughlintown both Saturday and Sunday.  The Compass Inn Museum is based in a circa 1799 stagecoach way house on the Philadelphia to Pittsburgh stage line.   They are not sure if other companies used the line, but the primary carrier was the Good Intent Fast Mail Delivery Service.  In addition to the mail, a stagecoach could carry up to twelve passengers, eight inside and four on the roof.  They ran two coaches in each direction each day.  One starting in the morning and one in the evening.  Joanna shared the venue with Donna Weems, a delightful singer of period music – a regular at the museum.

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