Shaded brook running through a meadow on a sunny day.

Exit run from Parker Dam

Killing Time

Still waiting on the coach.  We went up a couple of weeks ago on the assurance that everything was complete and that it was ready to go.  Unfortunately it was only mostly ready so we are still waiting.  In the mean time we received a recall notice from Cummins that the engine computer needed a software update, so that is being taken care of as well.  Colton has agreed to deliver it to us with an expected date of next week.

Life goes on anyway and last Tuesday we picked up our new tow vehicleJeep (Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk) and it is scheduled for the towing modifications in two weeks which should mean that everything will be ready for the mid-July trip.   Well, since we had the new car, we had to get out on the road and see how it handled.

Elk Country StatueFirst stop (three hours north of home) was the Elk Country Visitors Center and Woodring Farm Trail.  We got there in early afternoon, which is not the best time for wildlife viewing but we got lucky as a small herd of elk wandered out of the tree line for a snack before disappearing back into the woods.  Pardon the shake on the camera but I was zoomed out to the equivalent of 1000mm lens on a light hand held camera.  But you get the idea.

From there we headed south and stopped for a while at Parker DamFern Shadow Originally a Civilian Conservation Corps project, Parker Dam State Park is a great small park with a few reasonably maintained trails and lots of views.  The outlet stream reminded me of what I always envisioned as the setting for the Wind and the Willows.Parker Dam Stream

Hopefully, the next blog will be the return of Shadowfax and an actual trip.