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Traveling in the Springtime

I love to travel during the springtime!  The spring green as the trees leaf out; the brightly colored flowers popping up all over; calves, foals, lambs & kids romping in the fields … it just brings to mind the rebirth of the world and makes me happy especially as we are getting things back to the new normal.

Fouls, Lambs, & Calves, Oh My!


Before leaving Nevada, we had one more adventure driving out into the desert in search of the Unionville ghost town.  Unfortunately, the town is now more of a residential community tucked up into one of the canyons outside of Winnemucca.  As the ghost town was a bust (yep, pun intended), we decided to continue to the Rye Patch Recreation Area to take a hike and see the reservoir.  The colors of the lake were magnificent, and we got to watch a storm come in over the mountains.


The next day we hit the road again heading east.  It always amazing me how the landscape changes within an hour’s drive.  Going from mountain forests to high desert, to sand dunes to hoodoos to salt flats.  When we came out of the mountains the Old Great Salt Lake and the Bonneville Salt Flats laid stretched out in front of us.

We had a quick one night in West Wendover, NV at the West Wendover KOA.  This is a perfect park for an overnight

Jon & Wendover Will

and we got out for a walk around town to see more of the salt flats that surround the town and to see Wendover Will who was erected in 1952 – the 63-foot neon sign is a year older than Jon!

We have stayed at a lot of RV parks that call themselves resorts, but I must say the Mountain Valley RV Resort in Heber City, just outside of Salt Lake City really lives up to the name.  This is a beautiful park nestled into the Wasatch Mountains.  The sites are large, the amenities are top notch, they have heated pools, hot tubs, pickleball courts, and a section that is for those 21 and above.  Our week spent here was wonderful!  Not only was there a lot to do in the area and most of the Covid restrictions had been lifted, but we were also able to connect with and RV mechanic that was camp hosting at the park to have our Aquahot water system serviced!  We even had a chance to get our Jeep serviced at the local Jeep dealer.

On the rainy days besides doing laundry, cleaning, and running to the grocery, I got busy booking more reservations.  We have found that with all the new RVers on the road we really must be on top of our schedule.  It used to be that we could just make reservations on our way to a new town, now I have confirmed all the reservations until next March!!

Our adventures in the area included a couple of trips into the Wasatch Mountain State Park hiking and driving climbing up 6000 ft then stopping on the way down to have lunch at the Midway Bakery in Midway, UT.  We went back up into the park the next day but the storms came in with snow and wind so we came back down.  We also stopped at the Midway’s War Memorial which was perched on top of a hill with a winding road that went round and round and round … yep that messed with both our altitude sensitivity and my motion sickness!

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The next adventure was off to the Strawberry Reservoir south of Heber City.


One morning we decided to borrow a set of pickleball racquets from the park to see if we would enjoy this growing sport.  We had played racquetball and tennis when we were much, much younger and thought that we could handle this slower and much more gentle form of the sports.  When we got to the courts two other couples were playing on one court and we started trying to get the balls over the net.  The others took pity on us and asked if we would like to play with them and we got into a lively lesson on not only two person but 4 person and 6 person forms of the game.  The rules are not difficult, and it really is much easier to play the game especially for old people like us!

We enjoyed it so much at our next stop we picked up our own racquets and balls!

We also rode our bikes around the park, and I tried to get into the pool.  Even though my shoulder is making great progress it was not quite ready to swim laps so instead I spent the afternoon in the hot tub.  Slowly but surely, I will have to work back into my normal exercise programs!

We had a wonderful week enjoying all Heber City has to offer.  We had intended to go into Salt Lake City, but we had

Awesome restoration of historic buildings!

so much to do where we were we never got into the City.  We did find a one of the best gluten free – dairy free pizza places we have found on the road – Heber Valley Pizza Company and they were in the coolest old buildings that the city preserved and turned into a small shopping/business area.


Red Desert Rose RV Campground

After a wonderful week in Utah, we headed north for a one-night stay in Rawlins, WY at the Red Desert Rose RV Park.  We were really happy we like to get an early start and get in before 2:00 pm as the winds really picked up shortly after we arrived, and driving would have been very difficult.   We couldn’t even walk around the RV park without getting dust in our eyes and getting blown off our feet.

Next up the Rockies!

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  1. It always makes me happy to read of your adventures! Life just takes us down all sorts of roads and the two of you have found a perfect way to travel those roads together. Be safe. Darlene

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