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Before the Pandemic hit we were happily Workamping in Central Florida.  We had been very busy putting on school field trips for the thousands of children that come to the Barberville Pioneer Settlement every year.  December, January, February and March seemed to rush by as we got to be Santa and Mrs. Claus, taught about pioneer life and the Seminoles, and began our Rites of Spring programming where we talk about all the things that happen on the farm in the Spring time. Lucretia was also making appearances every month.  

We slipped away from work occasionally. We went to the Woodruff Wildlife Refuge and saw otters, birds of all kinds, and of course alligators! We hiked the Florida Trail in the Ocala National Forest to get our steps in and enjoyed the peace and beauty of the Florida landscape.

In early January we took a trip to Hollywood Studios to see the new Star Wars attractions.  We were a little leery, wondering if they could come anywhere close to the epic movies and Disney did not disappoint!!  The Galaxy’s Edge section is spectacular, truly making you feel as if you are walking down a street in some far away galaxy.  And the new Rise of the Resistance is the first ever completely immersive ride / attraction / performance where you become part of the Resistance and are taken captive.  It was a hoot!  You never expect those charming, pleasant, cast members to berate you to behave as you are transported to prison!

Since you have to get a boarding time for the Rise of the Resistance and

The New Skyliner

ours was not going to be till late in the afternoon we took the new Skyliner gondolas over to Epcot for lunch.  This is a very nice way to travel between the parks and several of the hotels.  Hopefully, Disney will build more of these to lighten the load on the other forms of transport in the Kingdom.

Pete Abdalla, Morgen Reynolds, Simon Brooks, & Jeff Doyle

At the end of January I spent a weekend at the Florida Storytelling Festival.  I was chosen to give my workshop The Character’s Perspective – Creating Stories with Panache!  and had a very enthusiastic and responsive packed room as we all delved into our story’s characters.  It was wonderful to reconnect with some of my favorite national tellers and I enjoyed a story filled weekend.

In February we escaped to Animal Kingdom for a day too! 

And then the Virus took hold around the world and our lives started to slow down.  During February and March schools started to cancel field trips and the Settlement had to cancel their Spring Frolic music festival.  Then life came to a screeching halt and the Settlement had to close for the foreseeable future.

And more on that in my next post as I try to get everyone caught up on our plans.

Till then

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  1. You two continue to amaze me!! Jonathan, you made a GREAT Santa….Please stay safe and well. I really do enjoy these posts. Thank you.

  2. Darlene – Thanks for staying in touch and I wish the best for you and your extended family (and all of the Philips troops working hard on critical medical equipment).

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