Barberville Pioneer Village

Happy Thanksgiving!

It has been a crazy month settling in to our Workamping positions at the Settlement. 

How the table was set and ready for the feast!

 We have been on a very steep learning curve and adjusting to our new jobs.  We have learned so much about life on the frontier of Florida and how hard it was to survive here in the scrub. 


Tucked in under the live oaks

We are so grateful for all of our blessings!  We have a cozy spot for our RV, fantastic bosses, and a great group of Workampers to share in this adventure.  

Jonathan, John, Lucy, Page, Richard & Rhonda (Bob was in the woodshop)

We have been so busy sewing & learning how to weave, spin, make candles, demonstrating woodworking, patchwork, pinch pots … oh the list could go on for a while … that we have not taken many pictures so we do not have a lot to add to this post.  Hopefully we will get a little better at hiding our 21st century cameras as we walk through the 19th!

Joanna’s newest creation
Prepping the shuttles for the loom

We will miss seeing family this year but it is a blessing to have a new family here in Barberville! We hope that all of you have a wonderful day filled with family, friends, and yummy Thanksgiving goodies!

Igor is just happy he will not be on the table today!

Till next time,


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  1. Hello, It looks like you and Jonathan are having a great adventure learning new crafts from years before. Weaving looks like fun!!

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